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In the year 1993, ATL Anlagentechnik Luhden GmbH was founded in Luhden (approximately 60 kilometers south-west from Hanover). Ever since that time, the company offers machines for heat treatment of different materials. In the year 2011,
the production area of approximately 3,000 m² was expanded to almost 4,000 m² by the construction of a new plant. The new building is located directly opposite the headquarters and is home to the final assembly of the thermal deburring machines and the administrative area of the TEM department. Due to a high vertical integration and

Anlagentechnik Luhden GmbH

Hainekamp 2
D-31711 Luhden

Telephone: +49 5722 99219-0
Fax: +49 5722 81801
E-Mail: info@atl-luhden.de


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Our representative in Romania

Dr. Iosif Nemoianu St. no. 13A
300011 Timisoara

Phone: +40 730 69327-0
E-Mail: info@mbtrading.ro