The content of oxygen, which is available for the combustion, is regulated by the mixing ratio of fuel gas and oxygen.

The oxygen has to perform two tasks. It is necessary to combust the fuel gas, because the fuel gas must react with the oxygen and thereby consume it to release heat. One portion of methane with two portions of oxygen is combusted to carbon dioxide and water.

This reaction takes primarily place inside the deburring chamber. This means that if the mixing ratio is CH4 : O2 = 1 : 2, the whole fuel gas reacts with the oxygen and no oxygen is left for deburring. This is termed as stoichiometrical mixing ratio of gases. In this case, the combustion temperature reaches its maximum.

When there is an excess of oxygen inserted into the deburring chamber, the oxygen can fulfill its second task: combustion of the burrs. The more oxygen available, the greater the material removal. If the content of oxygen is too high, no deburring will take place, because the burrs cannot be brought to ignition temperature.

In case of iTEM thermal deburring machines, the dosage of gases is carried out via a gas metering system that was developed by ATL. The used flow meters ensure an exact dosage of the operating media and the associated reproducibility of the deburring results.

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