Thermal deburring (TEM – Thermal Energy Method) is a process to remove production-related burrs from various machine parts which are caused by milling, drilling, etc. The scientifically correct name for TEM is “thermal-chemical deburring process”. It is assigned to the DIN 8590 subcategory of abrasive methods “chemical removal”.

The material to be removed is burned due to a chemical reaction between the material and the gas mixture. For this purpose, the workpieces are placed in a bell-shaped deburring chamber which is hydraulically closed by a closing plate. An accurately defined mixture of gases is fed into the deburring chamber via a gas metering system and ignited by a spark. The temperature of the subsequent combustion ranges from 2,500 to 3,300 °C (4,532 to 5,972 °F). In this connection, the burr reaches its ignition temperature and reacts with the excess oxygen inside the deburring chamber. This leads to a complete combustion of the burr within 20 ms.

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